Introducing OAS's new era of womenswear as an extension of the vibrant brand universe. With all-new prints, textures and cuts, the collection embraces the history and tradition of the brand's DNA. Discover the new styles consisting of flattering swimwear, flowing dresses, practical skirts as well as shirts and shorts in selected colors and prints. The female body, mind and taste were taken into consideration when putting together the collection, while maintaining the spirit of adventure.

Tucked away in the green mountains of Mallorca, surrounded by olive groves and farmland, lies the hidden beauty of Casa Balandra. In early November, we traveled to the beautiful island to shoot our women's campaign. Inspired by the creative environment, the light, organic decor and history of the house, the story wrote itself.
We witness the magic of the everyday, the extraordinary potential of the most ordinary moments and the sublime sophistication of simplicity. Adventurous yet tranquil, understated yet opulent, these scenes reflect the captivating contradictions of OAS's distinctive esthetic and sharp duality.

Green Painted Cleo Bathing Suit