Discover the new season edit - eternally inspired by vacation nostalgia. A collection that echoes the rural areas and effortlessness of the island of the Gods. Embracing the history and alluring nature of the locations, the selection holds the draping silhouettes from the women’s drop, relaxed, and easy viscose shirts and introduces a pair of cargo pants. The new pair acts as a staple to match the already existing pieces. With tropical days and coastal adventures in mind, the collection captures the core of OAS.


Inviting us on a journey through the scenery and surroundings of Bali, we traveled through the southern inland and coastal towns to capture the essence of the island. The serene yet dramatic landscape offers an ideal setting for the scenic photography. As the story unfolds we capture the native skateboarders riding through the winding roads framed by lush greenery and rice terraces. A Swedish family who have chosen an unconventional way of bringing up their children, enriching them with experiences and a broader perspective on life. As well as native Balinese individuals who have the jungle and ocean as a constant backdrop to their reality.

The collection encompasses the nature of adventure and the ambiance of island life. Creating a seamless transition from spring to summer.

Ecru Cuba Waffle Shirt