A blue and white towel hanging on a chair on a cobblestone beach. In the background you can see similar red chairs standing around.



Is there anything better than enjoying the blistering summer sun under the shade of a tree laying on a soft and stylish towel? Or drying off after a dip in the blue? A beach towel can even take shape as a blanket when your hot summer day turns into a chilly evening. Here you find OAS's well-selected range of beach towels.

Our beach towels are all made from 100% jacquard-woven terry cotton with highly absorbent and durable fibers while staying soft to the touch. The big 150x100cm towels come in an array of prints and patterns to match your every mood or swimwear. The towels are thick but still lightweight enough to easily be folded down your backpack or beach bag.

Made in Portugal and designed in Stockholm, our beach towels are created to last.
Carry your big, comfy, and colorful beach towel for an extra luxe experience by the sea.