A man with black mid-length dreadlocks and dark eyes is looking right in to the lens. He is wearing a cream and caramel coloured Terry bucket hat and a matching collared shirt. The background is filled with blue/grey clouds creating a nice contrast to the garments and hair of the man.


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Is there a better way to top off your fit than with a hat? Nonetheless a classic summer staple like the bucket hat? We offer a well-made and thought-out collection of our beloved and signature printed jacquard-woven terry, print, and plain-colored canvas bucket hats. Pick and choose depending on your mood, style, or weather. Accessorize your summer uniform in the best way possible when putting on something that isn’t just sun protection but also a statement piece. Perfect for a day by the pool, strolling around a new city, or fishing with friends.

All our bucket hats are designed in the OAS studio in Stockholm and made in Portugal.