A horizontal picture shot from behind of two elderly men sitting on a bench. The man on the left is wearing a red and white paisley bathrobe and the man on the right a red and white wavy pattern bathrobe. The two men look out over a bay on the Mediterranean where people are swimming and enjoying the sun weather.



The bathrobe you wear can tell a lot about you as a person or at least your style. In the most elegant sort of loungewear, we’ve created an extensive collection of bathrobes to fit any mood or occasion. Whether it’s sipping coffee by the morning newspaper, covering up on your way down to the ocean for an evening dip, or simply just throwing something on after getting out of the shower – OAS has got you covered. (Literally).

Our bathrobes are all made in jacquard-woven terry cotton, choose from various prints such as exotic leopard print to classic paisley in a new light to find your personal favorite.
The textured terry bathrobes are complete with three pockets and different styles of collars.