A woman is laying on the wooden floor with her hands behind her head and legs crossed. She is wearing an orange set complete with a shortsleeved collared shirt and shorts. Next to her you can spot a man sitting on the floor in light washed jeans, a pair of dark green and black slippers as well as a yellow and green printed button up Terry shirt.


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Discover the OAS collection of comfortable and versatile shorts in just about any color or print. Here you’ll find your go-to summer staple suited for the warmer months, letting your knees and legs catch a few rays. Pick and choose from a selection of terry cotton shorts constructed with pockets for your every need, elastic waistband for comfort, and a just-above-the-knee look, the different shorts play into any vibe, whether you’re grabbing a coffee at your local shop or just lounging around at home - they fit like a charm.
It doesn’t matter if you are looking after a more elevated pair or a laidback look, we’ve got you covered. Match with a shirt in the same print for a full OAS look.