Two young girls are running along a yellow painted wooden wall. The one first in line with her long brown hair is wearing a white bathing suit with cherries printed on top and the girl in the back is wearing a yellow Terry shirt.


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Kids Sunset Pop Bathing Suit
Kids Sunny Garden Bathing Suit
Kids Green Painted Bathing Suit
Kids Pina Colada Bathing Suit
Kids Cherry Bathing Suit
Kids Avocado Bathing Suit
Kids Oh Crab Bathing Suit
Kids Pina Colada Bathing Suit

When creating the OAS bathing suits for girls, play, running around, and swimming was kept in mind. Designed with an open back for breathability and comfort and elastic seams around legs and arms to keep the bathing suit in place when having fun. When choosing your kids' swimwear, a deciding factor is color and print – we want your child to feel just as comfortable as confident when the summer sun is peeking in.

Made with vibrant colors and fun prints for visibility in the water, keeping your kid recognizable when out and about. Fully lined and created in a timeless design, the bathing suits are all cut in a fast-drying material. Using premium materials to create long-lasting garments that will hold their shape and not fade

OAS swimwear is designed in unique prints and with conscious thinking in mind.