A wide set photo of a kid running on a deep windowsill of a round window wearing a leopard printed bathrobe. The background is light blue and you can almost see the horizon of the ocean.

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Kids Black Octo Robe
Kids Machu Pichu Robe
Kids Berry Robe
Kids Flamingo Robe
Kids Leo Robe
Kids Dotty Robe
Kids Palmy Robe
Kids Banana Leaf Robe

After bath time, a dip in the sea, or warming up after playing in the pool – a bathrobe is essential. Made in textured and plush terry cotton - the bathrobes are durable and water-absorbent. They also hold two pockets, a hanging loop, and an attached belt for a perfect fit. Created in several different prints the bathrobes can easily be matched with your kids’ favorite colors.

The robes are machine washable, in a short model, and perfect for warmer climates or layering over swimwear or pajamas. Sizes on our kids’ bathrobes range from 2 years old up to 12, so there’s a size for the whole crew.

Easy to care for, easy to like, and easy to throw on – all our bathrobes are designed in our Stockholm studio and are made to hold all that the warmer weather throws you.